Kleinpeter Farms Dairy has begun distributing Duck Dynasty television star Si Robertson’s Uncle Si’s Iced Tea to stores across south Louisiana and parts of southern Mississippi.

The tea is among products from about 30 companies which the dairy’s delivery trucks transport to stores in the region it serves. Those products include various brands of bottled water, ice cream novelty products not produced by the dairy, along with Naked Juice, and Louisiana products such as New Orleans Ice Cream and New Orleans Snow Balls.

“We are constantly looking for opportunities to distribute Louisiana products to our wonderful customers. After we tasted the tea, we were so impressed with it we pursued them,” said Jeff Kleinpeter, president and CEO of Kleinpeter Farms Dairy.

Uncle Si’s Tea is available in four flavors: sweet tea, un-sweet, half and half, and peach. Kleinpeter said he is distributing the tea to 72 stores, but that number is growing.