OncBioMune Pharmaceuticals Inc. in Baton Rouge plans to take its next step toward proving the effectiveness of its prostate cancer vaccine with Urology Clinics of North Texas.

OncBioMune says it has signed a letter of intent with the Dallas-area organization to start a Phase 2 clinical trial of ProscaVax in advanced prostate cancer patients.

ProscaVax is an immunotherapeutic cancer vaccine designed to stimulate a patient’s immune system so it attacks prostate cancer without hurting the patient.

OncBioMune said Dr. James S. Cochran, UCNT's medical director, has agreed to serve as the trial’s principal investigator. Cochran has more than 30 years of clinical practice experience and has participated in and provided oversight in more than 300 clinical trials.

“Ever since I learned of ProscaVax, I have been highly interested in its potential benefit to the thousands of prostate cancer patients with late-stage disease that face a bleak prognosis with negligible therapeutic options,” Cochran said in a statement.

UCNT serves the Dallas metroplex area, the fifth most populous area in North America with about 6.5 million people in 13 counties. The organization is comprised of 16 private urology practices and more than 40 providers with about half-a-million patients in their database.

Dr. Jonathan Head, chief executive officer at OncBioMune, said the UCNT study will complement a planned study at a major Northeast university in early-stage prostate cancer patients.