The Louisiana Department of Insurance helped policyholders recover an additional $6.4 million in disputes with insurers in 2012, according to Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon.

Insurers made the additional payments after consumers complained to the Insurance Department about the original claims payments, The department worked with both sides to resolve the disputes.

The department received 4,927 consumer inquiries and more than 3,074 consumer complaints in 2012, according to Donelon.

Inquiries involve consumers asking for information.

The majority of both inquiries and complaints involved property and casualty insurance.

Consumers filed 1,873 complaints and made 3,816 inquiries about property insurance in 2012.

The department helped consumers recover $3.3 million as a result of the complaints.

Consumers filed 382 complaints against life and annuity insurers and made 313 inquiries about them.

The department helped consumers recover $2.2 million from life insurance companies.

Consumers filed 819 complaints against health insurers and made 798 inquiries about them.

The department helped consumers recover $836,393 from health insurers.

Any insurance consumer in Louisiana who feels they have not been fairly compensated for their insurance claims can contact the department toll-free at (800) 259-5300.

Consumers may also file a complaint online at, by clicking on “File an Insurance Complaint” in the “Consumers” section of the homepage.

The Property and Casualty Consumer Affairs Division can be contacted directly at (225) 342-1258. The Office of Health is at (225) 219-4770. The Division of Life and Annuity is at (225) 342-1226.