Roughly 102,000 of the more than 214,000 Louisiana residents who bought health coverage for 2016 through the federal marketplace were new customers, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Louisiana customers were also shopping for new Affordable Care Act plans. Those who switched insurers and plans saved an average of about $18 per month, or roughly $211 a year, for the same level of coverage.

Nationally more than 80 percent of people who selected a plan or were automatically enrolled in one qualified for help paying for coverage.

Some 214,148 Louisiana residents enrolled in health plans through the online federal marketplace, according to HHS. In Louisiana, the average tax credit was $362 per month, or 81 percent of the gross premium, and the average premium after tax credits was $86 per month.

In Louisiana 81 percent of customers had the option of selecting a 2016 marketplace plan with a premium of $75 or less per month after tax credits.