Nooley’s, a longtime Baton Rouge restaurant chain famous for their hand-cut curly-cue fries and po-boys, has opened a location inside Game Day Daiquiris.

Jacob Couvillion, who owns Nooley’s, said the location on Bennington Avenue has been open for a few weeks.

“We’re just getting started training our staff,” Couvillion said. “We’re not in a huge hurry, we want to do it right.”

Couvillion’s father, John, owned and operated Nooley’s restaurants in Baton Rouge and Central from 1983 to 1999. The restaurant was best known for the “Nooley’s Special” — a massive sandwich of turkey, ham, roast beef and Swiss cheese served on a hot muffaletta bread.

After John Couvillion sold his restaurants in 1999, Jacob Couvillion got into the sales side of the restaurant and bar industry. But last year, he and his wife reopened Nooley’s on La. 44 in Prairieville.

“I grew up in restaurants. I was 5 years old when my dad bought Nooley’s and I missed it,” Jacob Couvillion said.

Couvillion brought back the same Nooley’s menu items, including the hand-cut curly-cues and onion rings and used the same recipes. But he also updated the menu, adding chicken wings and appetizers, such as cheese sticks and fried mushrooms.

“This is all an inception from the brain of a Couvillion,” he joked.

The opportunity to open a restaurant inside Game Day Daiquiris came out of Couvillion’s dealings with Robert McClaren, who owns the bar. McClaren was looking to add food items to make Game Day more of a sports bar instead of just a place to drink. Before Game Day opened several years ago, the building had been the location of Semolina’s restaurant.

“This was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up,” Couvillion said.

Nooley’s is open for lunch and dinner in Game Day Daiquiris seven days a week.