Albemarle Corp. and Senze Meilu Co., of Shanxi, China, have agreed to establish a joint venture company in Lvliang, Shanxi, to build and operate a plant to make flame retardants based on Albemarle’s technology.

The Albemarle Senze Chemicals (Shanxi) Co. Ltd. flame retardant product, Martinal, will principally be used in wire and cable applications. It is made of fine precipitated alumina trihydrate, an environmentally-friendly, mineral-based flame retardant and smoke suppressant used in a variety of polyolefin resins.

“This venture will advance our position in the fastest-growing segments of the wire and cable markets in Asia and India and complement Albemarle’s existing world-scale production facility in Bergheim, Germany,” said Troy DeSoto, Albemarle’s global vice president, flame retardants.

Production at the new facility is expected to begin in mid-2015.