A recent report that ranked Baton Rouge the second-most dangerous city for drivers demonstrates the need for a new state task force that will study transportation issues, according to a business-led group.

Capital Region Industry for Sustainable Infrastructure Solutions, or CRISIS, says the report from financial services firm Nerdwallet shows only Detroit was more dangerous for drivers.

“Yet another report has independently verified what Baton Rouge area drivers unfortunately already know based on experience, which is that our roads are not only the worst in the state but among the worst in the nation for traffic congestion, road conditions, and now safety for drivers, according to this new study,” said Scott Kirkpatrick, executive director of CRISIS.

Kirkpatrick thanked Gov. John Bel Edwards for establishing the “much-needed” task force.

Baton Rouge had 38 fatal crashes in 2014, or 16.6 per 100,000 residents, the highest rate of fatal crashes in the country, according to Nerdwallet. The overall rankings were based on fatal crash rates, the likelihood of an accident relative to other cities, number of years between accidents and the risks of having a vehicle stolen or broken into.

The report was the latest showing Baton Rouge’s problems with traffic.

A 2015 report from Texas A&M Transportation Institute found Baton Rouge ranked third-worst for average annual commuter traffic delay among mid-size cities, and 11th worst in the nation for road conditions.

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