Baton Rouge-based Tin Roof Brewing Co. has entered the Mississippi market.

The move represents a homecoming for Tin Roof founders Charles Caldwell and William McGehee, who are natives of Natchez, Miss. Although Tin Roof has been available commercially in Baton Rouge since November 2010 and has moved into other markets across Louisiana, it wasn’t until last month the brewery received the appropriate state licensing to sell its products in Mississippi.

“We’ve been wanting to bring our beer to Natchez since day one, but we wanted to make sure we did it right,” McGehee said. “This just seems like perfect timing for us as we are starting to expand to bring our beer back to our hometown.”

Caldwell and McGehee hope to grow and expand their brewery more, but both said keeping their focus on Mississippi and Louisiana is key.

“A lot of breweries will spread out so fast just to say that they’re in 10 states, but then they’re not taking care of their home markets,” McGehee said. “We always want to make sure that southwest Mississippi and Louisiana will be taken care of before we even think about going anywhere else.”