The Baton Rouge Metro Council will hear a rezoning request for the Time Out Lounge at its meeting Wednesday afternoon, even though the city-parish Planning Commission voted down the matter by a unanimous voice vote Monday.

Because the rezoning first went before the Planning Commission at its July 21 meeting, it was introduced, advertised and placed on the Metro Council agenda, said Casey Cashio, council administrator/treasurer. The Planning Commission deferred action on the rezoning at the July 21 to get more information about the size of the building and how much space the Time Out Lounge would take up.

After Monday’s vote, Ryan Holcomb, assistant planning director, said because of the unanimous vote, the matter would not go before the Metro Council.

Cashio said normally if an item was rejected unanimously, it wouldn’t go before the full council. But the deferral will allow the matter to come up.

However, eight of the 12 Metro Council members will need to vote in favor of the Time Out rezoning Wednesday for the matter to pass.

The Time Out Lounge owners are seeking to rezone part of a building at 3180 Valley St. to C-AB-2 zoning so they can re-establish their business. The bar had been located at 9374 Old Hammond Highway until it was destroyed by a fire in December. The Southside Civic Association has opposed the rezoning, as part of a blanket policy against any changes that increases the net number of bars or lounges in the area between the Perkins Road Overpass and College Drive.