Most of the Baton Rouge area’s major industrial employers expect spending and employment at the plants to remain the same or expand during the next six months, according to a survey by the Greater Baton Rouge Industrial Alliance.

The group represents more than 57 petrochemical, energy, paper, pharmaceutical, pipeline, storage terminal and other industrial facilities in the eight parishes surrounding Baton Rouge. The alliance surveyed plant managers of its member companies. Managers at 39 sites responded.

Some 94 percent of the respondents expect plants’ production to remain flat or increase, while 79 percent expect spending to remain the same or increase. Only 5 percent of the managers expect company employment to fall in the next six months, while 15 percent expect contract employment to decrease.

“The investments and growth seen over the last year are holding for the most part, although some projects have been delayed due to current oil price drops and labor issues,” according to GBRIA. “Overall, industrial production and demand remain healthy mainly due to the low price and availability of natural gas and strong consumer demand.”