Hancock Holding company is sending one of its two chief executive officers, Carl Chaney, to New Orleans.

“Because of our size in that market and significant future growth opportunities, the board of directors requested that I become primarily based out of the company’s New Orleans office,” Chaney said.

He said greater New Orleans represents about 41 percent of the company’s balance sheet.

Hancock’s other CEO, John Hairston, who is also chief operating officer of the company, will remain in Gulfport, as will the company’s headquarters.

Chaney said he plans to move his family to New Orleans in June.

Hancock Holding is the parent company of Hancock Bank and Whitney Bank, which is based in New Orleans. The two merged in June 2011 to form a bank with nearly 250 offices from Tampa to Houston and $20 billion in combined assets.

Chaney said the company is seeing an uptick in the south Louisiana economy. Medical facilities are under construction and the state’s film industry is the third largest in the country behind California and New York. Tourism and convention business are strong in New Orleans, he said, and a new airport terminal was announced this week.

“That presents growth opportunities for us as a company,” he said.