LSU, with help from IBM, has deployed Delta, a powerful new supercomputer, to advance big data research in Louisiana.

The computer’s unique design brings a new way of conducting computational research to LSU. Delta will be housed at the LSU Center for Computation & Technology, or CCT.

Delta will initially be used to expand biomedical research capabilities in the life sciences. Delta will be equipped with the IBM Reference Architecture for Genomics, increasing scale and speed for genomics computing and enabling the development of new tools for sequencing and analysis.

“LSU is a leader in biomedical research, which is an important economic driver for the state. Computational biology and bioinformatics have become linchpins for progress in biomedical and biotechnology research. Delta will enable quantitative analysis and interpretation of large biological genomics data generated at LSU,” said Gus Kousoulas, associate vice president for research and economic development.

The supercomputer is based on the IBM POWER8 platform, which provides High Performance Computing, or HPC, capabilities necessary for broad spectrum of data-enabled research activities. LSU joins the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge and Lawrence Livermore National Labs and the U.K. government’s Science and Technology Facilities Council’s Hartree Centre in utilizing the POWER8 platform.