Capital One

UPDATE, 8 a.m., Thursday

What's back in your wallet? 

Hours after duplicate debit charges appeared on many Capital One accounts, the bank said Thursday morning all balances should be fixed. 

"We apologize for this inconvenience & appreciate our Customers hanging in there w/us. If your balance still looks off, give us a call," reads the statement


Attention Capital One users: You may want to check your balance. 

A glitch has caused recent transactions to be charged again, appearing as pending but tying up hundreds, or even thousands for many account holders. 

Capital One tweeted on Wednesday that is aware of the glitch, and is working on fixing it.

"Debit card bank transactions have us seeing double today. Rest assured our support teams are engaged & working towards a fix," the company tweeted.

That didn't stop many account holders, however, from expressing its displeasure toward the bank for tying up money and in some cases making their debit card unusable. 

There has been no estimated time given for a fix. 

A second statement said that "all hands are on deck," and customers won't face any fees related to the issue. 

This is the second high profile glitch for the company in recent weeks, as its online banking was unexpectedly down for the better part of a day in December. 

No, it's not just you: Capital One online banking down for several hours

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