Retail spending in East Baton Rouge Parish was up 6 percent in August, figures compiled by the city-parish Finance Department show.

Businesses and consumers spent $641.0 million, not including vehicle sales, compared with $606.0 million in August 2010.

Retail spending has been up all year, but August was the biggest increase so far in 2011. For the year, spending is up just under 3 percent at $4.92 billion.

For the year, spending on retail items other than food, groceries and vehicles has been flat, and this category makes up 50 percent of all spending.

Vehicle sales, about 7 percent of the total, are up 8 percent while services, which is 12 percent of the total, is up 12 percent.

Manufacturing, at about 10 percent of the total, is up 6 percent for the first eight months of the year.

Looking at the breakdown inside and outside of the city limits, retail spending was up only about 1 percent inside the city but rose 11 percent outside. Outside the city limits includes Baton Rouge’s two main shopping corridors, Siegen Lane and Bluebonnet Boulevard, and makes up just under half of total spending.

Looking at the city-parish’s sales tax collection totals, which does include vehicle sales, local government pulled in $13.8 million, 6 percent more than $13.1 million in August 2010.

For the year, sales tax collections are up 3 percent to $105.9 million.