Louisiana had the ninth-highest jobless rate among people receiving public mental health services, according to a report issued by the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Louisiana’s unemployment rate for those individuals was 88.3 percent. Nationally the average is roughly 80 percent.

According to the alliance, a job is a critical part of recovering from mental illness.

“Work is tied to a person’s sense of identity, dignity and worth in our society,” NAMI Executive Director Mary Giliberti said.

Roughly 60 percent of the 7.1 million people receiving public mental health services national want to work. But the unemployment rates for those individuals dwarfs even those that took place during the Great Recession. Gilberti said the United States must do better.

Maine had the highest rate of unemployment for people in the public mental health system, 92.6 percent. Wyoming had the lowest rate, 56.1 percent