More than 700 job seekers visited the state’s new online service for matching employers’ needs with workers’ skills, officials said Tuesday in Baton Rouge.

On Monday, LouisianaJob became available for the first time to job applicants.

By that time, more than 600 employers had listed thousands of vacant jobs on the LJC website, said LJC Executive Director Kristi Barnett Williams and Stephen Moret, secretary of the Louisiana Department of Economic Development.

“Louisiana Job Connection will be a valuable tool for job seekers near and far to be automatically matched with the Louisiana jobs best-suited for their skills and experience,” Williams said.

“We believe it can be a tremendous asset for Louisiana businesses and job seekers alike,” Moret said. He said the website is a valuable tool for job applicants ranging from “current residents looking for the perfect job to Louisiana expats looking to return home.”

Moret and Williams said the website is not available to companies that do not have a registered business in Louisiana. All companies attempting to post job vacancies through LJC must first provide valid Louisiana tax identification, they said.

Both employers and job seekers can limit their online matches to people or firms that fall within ranges they specify as acceptable. Some companies and people may want to view only matches that meet at least 90 percent of their specified needs. Others may want to view all matches above 60 percent.

Job applicants can choose whether to make their identities and personal information available to all employers. If they prefer, they can limit the release of their names and information only to employers whose available jobs fall in the match ranges specified by the applicants.

Any applicants can opt to keep their identities secret from all website users. Those job seekers, though, would be responsible for personally filing their job applications with employers that best match their needs.