The ripple effect of Cox Communications’ south Louisiana operations have led to more than 9,200 local jobs, personal earnings of $364.7 million and $51.1 million in state and local tax collections, according to an economic impact study released earlier this week.

Cox released a report, conducted by LSU economist James Richardson, that measured its impact for the years 2013 to 2015 on Baton Rouge, New Orleans and Lafayette, the three markets where it has a presence.

The company has more than 1,200 employees in 18 south Louisiana parishes, with an annual payroll of $120 million. Over the past three years, Cox has spent an average of $112 million on net new capital expenditures, including investments on its network infrastructure.

Cox has contributed more than $3.5 million in cash to charitable causes in Louisiana between 2013 and 2015. The company donated $10.97 million for in-kind services such as public service announcement campaigns, free airtime and employee volunteer hours to communities over the period.