PTS Solutions Inc., a public safety software company with its main operations in Baton Rouge, has acquired ITX Information Technology Solutions Inc. in Arizona.

PTS, headquartered in Harrisonburg in north Louisiana with local offices on Corporate Boulevard, provides public safety software for local, parish/county and state law enforcement agencies, dispatch centers, jails and courts throughout Louisiana and Mississippi and has more than 200 clients in 16 states.

The addition of ITX adds clients in another 15 states and the Bahamas.

PTS and ITX have been in a close partnership for more than five years, providing customers with a paperless filing system developed by ITX.

PTS has been developing justice and public safety software for 27 years and has less than 30 employees.

PTS products include body-worn cameras and software for computer-aided dispatch; law enforcement records management; mobile CAD and field reporting; jail and offender management; court management; and investigations case management.

ITX has provided information services and data management software to law enforcement for more than 20 years. ITX recently expanded beyond law enforcement into all industries with a cloud and mobile computing information management product line called infoEngage.

“The ITX systems easily complements the current PTS software product line,” PTS President Dave Fuqua said.

“It just makes sense for us to combine our processes,” he said. “The data that our clients collect via the PTS software systems will be greatly enhanced using the integration and data management software that ITX has created. In addition, PTS can provide collection and management software for agencies using ITX.”

“We have had a great working relationship with PTS for the last five years and feel they will be a great fit with our existing customers by continuing to provide the quality support and development our clients expect and deserve,” said Robert Barnett, president and CEO of ITX.