Amite police officer accused of sexually assaulting women _lowres

Grant Carruth

After an Amite police officer was arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting two women last year, one has filed a lawsuit saying he handcuffed her and raped her at gunpoint.

Grant Carruth “may be charitably described as a rogue cop. He abused citizens and otherwise violated citizens’ constitutional rights during his tenure at the Amite City Police Department,” the suit states.

In a complaint filed in federal court last week, the plaintiff claims Carruth responded to an advertisement she posted online for “escort services.” He texted her his address, and she went to his home.

When the woman arrived, Carruth showed her his police badge and handcuffed her, saying he was arresting her for prostitution, the complaint states.

However, instead of taking her to jail, Carruth took the woman to “a remote private drive in a wooded area” where he forced her into the bed of his truck at gunpoint, ripped off her clothes and raped her, according to the lawsuit.

The plaintiff is seeking unspecified damages from Carruth, the city of Amite, its Police Department and the police chief.

The suit claims, among other points, that the city failed to supervise Carruth and tolerated police misconduct.

Investigators have said that while Carruth identified himself as a law enforcement officer during the two attacks, he was not on the clock either time. He has been suspended without pay.

He has been charged with aggravated rape, two counts of second-degree kidnapping, armed robbery and sexual battery in relation to the two incidents and is scheduled to appear in court Tuesday for a motions hearing.