LIVINGSTON — The Livingston Parish School System will not replace Thomas Hayman, who retires Sept. 9 from his post as assistant director of the parish’s Literacy and Technology Center, the School Board voted Thursday night.

The choice not to fill the position was driven by a need to cut costs from a system that spends 91 percent of its budget on salaries, said Superintendent Bill Spear.

On days when director Jerry Morgan has to be away from the facility, an administrator from the central office will fill in as acting principal, Spear said.

Other business considered by the board included:

INTRUDER DRILL: Spear told the board that Sept. 16 will be a half-day of classes for students so that teachers and administrators, in concert with law enforcement agencies, can conduct a parishwide intruder response drill.

“The timing could not be better,” Spear said, mentioning a recent arrest in Florida that allegedly prevented a school shooting.

NEW POLICIES: Assistant Superintendent John Watson presented four new policies that are being updated for the school year.

The polices relate to tax and bond sales, board meeting minutes, attendance, and absences and excuses.

The policies will be voted on by the entire board at the next regularly scheduled meeting on Sept. 1.