AMITE — The Tangipahoa Parish Council decided not to address a proposed ground water protection ordinance until a committee compares proposed ordinance requirements with those already in place.

“We have a water protection ordinance for the last 15 years. I see some good things (in the proposed ordinance), and some we may not want to be part of,” Councilman Carlos Bruno told the council Monday night.

Because an estimated 200 wells will be drilled across north Tangipahoa Parish in 2012, Councilman Michael Petitto said, methods of drilling and potential contamination of ground water are matters of concern.

State Geologist Tiffani Cravins, who presented to the council the state Department of

Environmental Quality request for enactment of a ground water protection ordinance, agreed to serve as consultant to the council committee.

Bruno was appointed by the council to serve as committee chairman. Councilmen Petitto and Bobby Cortez were named committee members.

Other topics included:

CABLE TV SERVICE: Mark Waller, a resident of Doe Run Estates 2, asked the council for help with obtaining cable television services from Charter Communications, the parish’s preferred provider.

Councilman Carlo Notariano said the council, through an assigned committee, has contacted a lawyer in New Orleans who specializes in telecommunications contracts and plans to meet with him to review the parish’s contract with Charter.

Petitto said his understanding is the parish contract with Charter calls for service to residents so long as there are a dozen homes within a mile-long segment. Waller said there are 18 homes in Doe Run Estates 2.

PROPERTY ASSESSMENTS: Assessor Joaquin Matheu reported his 2011 assessment of real and personal property in the parish is $11.9 million higher than the 2010 assessment.

The total assessed value of parish property, including public service property, is $682,232,314, Matheu said.

Parish President Gordon Burgess noted the parish’s assessed value in 2009 was $645 million, about $37 million less than the current figure.

“So,” Burgess said, “we’ve seen some steady growth.”