Voters in areas of Livingston Parish will face two tax renewals in the Dec. 6 election to determine whether to keep funding Holden firefighters and the Live Oak Sports Complex.

Parks and Recreation District 2 is asking voters to continue collecting 15 mills in the district to help maintain and improve the district’s facilities, board Chairman Ken Graves said. The district primarily operates the Live Oak Sports Complex, which offers youth sports leagues but is looking to provide more services, Graves said.

The millage is expected to bring in about $850,000 per year and accounts for the vast majority of the district’s funding. The district has an annual operating budget of about $700,000 but has several projects on the horizon, Graves said.

The district is looking to purchase land near the complex for cross country biking and jogging trails. Further down the line, Graves would like to build a community center that could host events such as wedding receptions.

“The size is going to be dictated by the funding we have,” he said.

In January, the district plans to break ground for a concession area at the sports complex. The board chairman said it would not have a full kitchen but would feature restroom facilities and a pavilion. Specifics of the construction have yet to be hammered out, as the bidding period has not closed.

Meanwhile, Fire Protection District 10 is asking voters around Holden for its own tax renewal. The district expects to raise about $172,000 each year should the 11.1 mills be maintained.

The millage pays for equipment, insurance, fuel, “everything,” Fire Chief Warren Stewart said.

It doesn’t pay salaries, though. The firefighters — there are generally about 20 — are all volunteers, the chief said.

The district operates three stations in the Holden area between Interstate 12 and the St. Helena Parish line and runs between 300 and 400 calls in a typical year.

“We’ve got a pretty big area we cover. … It takes a decent amount of money to do all that,” Stewart said.

The chief said his crews do not have any major purchases planned and just need the funding to continue paying for day-to-day operations.

“I hope (voters) renew (the millage) because we wouldn’t be able to operate without it,” he said.