Former “Sons of Guns” star Will Hayden faces sex crimes charges in Livingston and East Baton Rouge parishes, and attorneys Thursday began to discuss the tangled relationship between two simultaneous criminal prosecutions.

Hayden, 50, appeared shackled and silent before a Livingston Parish judge, wearing the bright orange jumpsuit of an East Baton Rouge Parish inmate. The former reality TV star has been charged with two counts of aggravated rape and once count of forcible rape in East Baton Rouge, and two sex crimes, including aggravated rape, in Livingston.

One girl — who was attacked in 2013 and 2014 when she was 11 and 12 years old — was victimized in both parishes. On Thursday, Hayden’s attorney, Sadie Ferrara, requested Livingston prosecutors turn over various pieces of evidence, but Assistant District Attorney David Guidry explained that, in several instances, he did not have the documents because they are related to the proceedings in Baton Rouge.

Attorneys also delved into a discussion about “Dr. Phil.” Stephanie Hayden Ford, Hayden’s daughter and former co-star, has accused him of molesting her as a girl and discussed her claims on the daytime talk show. Ferrara asked prosecutors to turn over recordings of Ford’s noninvestigative statements about the case, such as her televised interview, though state District Judge Bob Morrison determined that wasn’t the District Attorney’s Office’s responsibility.

The defense also sought a recording of a law enforcement interview, polygraph test results, copies of search warrants of a truck and related scientific tests, all requests that eventually were withdrawn or denied by Morrison Thursday after Guidry said they weren’t related to the Livingston case and that, in some instances, he didn’t know such items existed.

The judge did order prosecutors to give the defense records from a doctor’s physical exam of the victim, despite Guidry’s assertion that they weren’t relevant to the crimes in his jurisdiction and that as of Thursday, he himself did not have those documents.

Morrison ordered prosecutors to find and turn over the medical file after Guidry said he would make reference to the Baton Rouge case in his own prosecution of Hayden.

Morrison split the difference on another request for a recording of an interview with the girl referenced in the rape charge. Prosecutors said they plan to call the girl for a live testimony, which would cover the material in the interview, and the judge ordered them to give him the recording so he could tell the jury if the stories conflict when the case goes to trial, which Guidry hopes will come in October.

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