Former Livingston Parish contractor Corey delaHoussaye has been issued a misdemeanor summons for cyberstalking a woman who, three years ago, posted information online about his tax record.

The cyberstalking charge comes on the heels of a state court judge’s order last week that delaHoussaye have no contact with the state Office of Inspector General investigator who testified against him at a Feb. 23 preliminary hearing in his criminal case. Judge Brenda Ricks, of the 21st Judicial District Court, issued the no contact order after delaHoussaye emailed investigator Jessica Webb a photograph of another man prosecutors described as wearing only underwear.

The next day, Ricks signed an arrest warrant for delaHoussaye on unrelated allegations that he sent a harassing or threatening Facebook message to Livingston resident Abby Crosby.

“You have been very vocal about me and have made allegations on your website about my taxes being owed when they were not,” delaHoussaye wrote to Crosby on Feb. 20. “I busted her and now I will burn you and Jeff. Just be prepared! I will drag you through the mud like you did to me for misrepresenting the facts.”

The “Jeff” and “her” that delaHoussaye referred to in his message to Crosby are Livingston Parish Assessor Jeff Taylor and his wife, Delia Taylor, delaHoussaye confirmed Tuesday.

DelaHoussaye unsuccessfully challenged Jeff Taylor for the assessor’s seat in 2011.

DelaHoussaye believes that Delia Taylor, a public relations professional who ran her husband’s re-election campaign, supplied the District Attorney’s Office with information that led to eight of the original 73 counts of falsifying public records against him and one of his eight theft counts. The number of counts was reduced Feb. 19 — the day before delaHoussaye’s message to Crosby — omitting the charges that were based on Delia Taylor’s information.

After the election, sometime in 2012, Crosby posted a story on a website she ran at the time alleging that delaHoussaye had failed to pay his property taxes. Crosby said the story was based on public records and was written because delaHoussaye was a public figure.

“I didn’t write anything nasty about him,” Crosby said Tuesday. “For somebody to harbor on that for years and then insist on some kind of payback, that’s really scary.”

DelaHoussaye said his message was not intended as a threat. He said he believes Crosby’s complaint to the Sheriff’s Office was a political stunt.

“She finally unfriended me on Facebook on Sunday (Feb. 22),” delaHoussaye said. “So, I was cyberstalking her and she was afraid of me, but yet she waited three days to unfriend me?”

DelaHoussaye said Tuesday he had “already burnt” Delia Taylor for her purported involvement in his prosecution and he will now expose Crosby and Jeff Taylor “for writing lies.”

DelaHoussaye’s cyberstalking case has been set for hearing on April 1.

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