After finding a 65-year-old man shot to death in his bed, St. Helena Parish sheriff’s detectives are searching for the man’s missing pickup.

A relative of Herbert Graves called the Sheriff’s Office around 10 a.m. Sunday, after finding the door to Graves’ home, in the 1200 block of Museum Road northwest of Greensburg, open and his truck missing, Chief of Detectives Joe Chaney said Tuesday.

The relative had been trying to contact Graves for a couple days and, concerned that there was no response, went to his house to check on him Sunday, Chaney said.

Deputies found Graves lying in his bed, dead from an apparent gunshot wound to the head, Chaney said.

“We think he went down somewhere between the 24th (of November) and Sunday,” Chaney said. “It appeared probably to have happened while he was in bed. He was dressed for bed, so he had to probably know the suspects.”

Chaney said detectives were unable to locate Graves’ wallet and suspect the motive may have been robbery, but he added that the investigation is ongoing.

Detectives are uncertain how many people may have been involved.

“There are some persons we may be interested in talking to, but we’re not ready to release that information at this time,” Chaney said.

Detectives are searching for Graves’ truck, a 2008 Chevrolet pickup with Mississippi license plate 1N26V, Chaney said.

Anyone with information about the truck or the incident should call the Sheriff’s Office at (225) 222-4413, ext. 223 or 246.

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