LIVINGSTON - The Livingston Parish Council put off a decision about mobile home regulations Thursday after hearing opposition to the measure in a public hearing.

The proposed regulatory change would allow landowners to place mobile homes on their properties without meeting mobile home park requirements if the occupants of those homes are immediate family members.

Taryn Creekbaum, of Walker, who has complained about repeated waivers issued by the council, said that such an ordinance would be a step toward credibility for the parish’s “entire ordinance system.”

However, she asked the council to vote against the proposed ordinance until it is improved, saying the change is lacking in the information it requires and in enforcement procedures.

Barbara Smith, of Watson, said “penalties should be large enough to discourage noncompliance.”

She suggested that violation of the ordinance should carry a $5,000 penalty.

She also said that the affidavits required of property owners need to contain additional information.

Under the proposal, property owners would have to provide the parish with affidavits stating their relationships to the people occupying the mobile homes parked on their land.

The affidavits also would have to contain language showing that the landowners understand that they cannot rent out the mobile homes and would have to move the trailers if their relatives depart.

Candy Forbes, who sells manufactured homes, asked to see more specifics on how the ordinance would be implemented.

Councilman A.C. “Buddy” Mincey made the motion to put off a vote on the proposal until the next meeting.

“I don’t think we’re going to do the thing right if we vote on it tonight,” Mincey said.

The council unanimously approved Mincey’s motion.

Council Chairman Randy Rushing said the proposed ordinance would be sent back to committee for further review prior to the next meeting.

Under the proposal, properties where two or more mobile homes are located would be regulated as mobile home parks unless the property owners fill out affidavits showing that the mobile homes are occupied by direct ascending or descending heirs.