TICKFAW — The Tangipahoa Parish Council unanimously approved Wednesday the 2013 operating budgets for the Tangipahoa Parish Library Board of Control and the Tangipahoa Parish Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The council met in the headquarters building of Gravity Drainage District No. 1 in Tickfaw instead of at its usual meeting place in the Amite Courthouse Annex.

The parish library system anticipates total revenues of about $3 million during the next year. The principal source of revenue for library operations is an ad valorem tax that is expected to raise about $2.75 million, according to the budget presented to the council.

In addition to the local taxes, the library receives $170,000 in state revenue sharing monies. The library also earns additional funds from fees, fines and gifts and donations.

The bulk of anticipated spending by the board during the coming year is $1.66 million for salaries and other personnel services.

The board plans to spend $120,000 for operating services. About $440,000 will be spent on capital outlay projects at the numerous branches the library system sustains.

Revenues and expenses for 2013 are almost the same as for this year.

The Tangipahoa Parish Convention and Visitors Bureau’s budget as adopted by the council estimates that revenues for the coming year will total $1.59 million.

The bureau gets the bulk of its funds through the parish’s lodging tax, which is expected to bring in about $650,000. The bureau anticipates that Act 1 funds will total about $500,000. Additionally, the bureau is anticipating that grants will provide about $451,000.

The bureau’s budget shows that about $381,000 will be spent on salaries with an additional expenditure of about $139,000 for employee benefits.

The budget approved by the council shows that about $489,000 will be spent on advertising and tour partnerships.

The budget notes that expenditures will be the same as expected revenues during 2013.

Other items coming before the board included:

DEC. 26 MEETING: Board President Carlo Bruno said that the council will hold its next regular meeting on Wednesday. Bruno said that according to the parish’s Home Rule Charter, a meeting cannot be canceled even during the holiday season.