Livingston Parish President Layton Ricks said late Friday the State Ethics Board has informed the parish it will not conduct an investigation of his administrative assistant.

The board sent a letter to the parish attorney saying it didn’t find information to warrant an investigation, Ricks said.

The letter follows a complaint last year that former Parish Clerk Mary Kistler deleted material from a parish computer before she left that position to become Ricks’ assistant.

Ricks said the Parish Council also referred the matter to the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office, which sent the information to the Office of State Inspector General.

Ricks said that occurred months ago and neither he, Kistler nor the parish attorney has heard from the inspector general as to whether that office is conducting an investigation.

Greg Phares, chief investigator of the Inspector General’s Office, said Friday evening that he can’t confirm or deny that his agency is investigating the matter.

Kistler said Friday evening she is pleased with the response from the Ethics Board and would welcome the review of an unbiased body such as the Office of Inspector General.

She said it would be nice to have the matter cleared up.

“I wish the inspector general would call me tomorrow,” she said. “I know I did nothing wrong.”

Everything that was on the hard drive that was reformatted when she left office was backed up, Kistler said.

“No public records were destroyed,” she said.