State Police on Wednesday identified the man who died following a gunfight with an off-duty Livingston Parish deputy Tuesday afternoon.

However, investigators remain tight-lipped on other specifics of the case and have not identified the deputy or the woman who was at the house at the time.

The deceased is 46-year-old Sidney Averett, Trooper First Class Jared Sandifer said.

Sandifer previously had identified Averett as the ex-husband of a woman at the house on Country Club Lane where the shootout took place and identified the deputy as the woman’s boyfriend. The trooper also said the deceased and the woman had been in court for a divorce proceeding earlier in the day, though he later said he could not verify that information.

Averett and his estranged wife, Stephanie Ballard Averett, 30, were on the Livingston Parish court calendar for Judge Jeff Cashe’s 9 a.m. docket Tuesday morning. Another court document and a jail document from January list Stephanie Averett’s address as 30817 Country Club Lane.

Documents from Tuesday’s divorce proceeding were not available Wednesday, but the calendar indicates the court was to discuss a temporary restraining order, custody, support and “other matters.”

Sidney Averett had sued for divorce in November. In his petition, he said they married in April 2007 and separated last October. They had two children, and Sidney Averett sought joint custody, with Stephanie Averett as the domiciliary custodian.

But outside the courtroom, there were allegedly threats and violence between the two. Court documents show the couple had sought or received protective orders against one another.

A motion filed on Stephanie Averett’s behalf Jan. 5 claims Sidney Averett “has directly, and through third parties, harassed and threatened her.” The court granted her request for a temporary restraining order Jan. 7 and set the matter for hearing Tuesday.

Meanwhile, she was booked Jan. 7, the same day she received the temporary restraining order, on aggravated assault and simple battery domestic violence, according to Livingston Parish Jail records. The following day, she was ordered not to “abuse, harass, stalk, follow or threaten” Sidney Averett for one year, though the order was issued without a hearing.

With the exception of documents related to the protective order and a speeding ticket, Stephanie Averett did not have any other documents on file in the Livingston Clerk’s criminal records division. Sidney Averett did not have any criminal records in the parish.

Sandifer said State Police have not released the names of the deputy or the woman because they are potential victims of domestic violence.

“He may be a deputy, but he was off duty at the time of this incident,” Sandifer said of the unnamed law enforcement officer.

Sandifer said Tuesday that Sheriff Jason Ard had asked State Police to investigate because the incident involves a deputy.

In a statement Ard posted Wednesday on his Facebook page, the sheriff said he will not make any detailed statements or answer any questions until State Police completes the investigation.

“At that time, my statements and response to questions will be based on all of the known facts. To respond prior to that time, would be premature,” he wrote.

Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Lori Steele said the deputy involved in the shooting has been placed on administrative leave with pay.

Ard said the Coroner’s Office will conduct an autopsy Thursday.

Staff writer Heidi R. Kinchen contributed to this report. Follow Steve Hardy on Twitter @SteveRHardy.