A $1.2 million campus expansion is coming to Denham Springs High and school officials are considering some atypical features.

The Livingston Parish School Board accepted a bid Thursday night to construct a new building behind the band room. Officials are thinking about using some of the space to install a campus store and a credit union, in addition to five other academic classrooms, explained Assistant Supervisor Joe Murphy. The new building will also include a larger space that can be used as an art room or choir room.

Plans are still being formed, though there is a precedent for both a campus store and credit union elsewhere in the parish. Walker High has a branch of Neighbor’s Federal Credit Union and a shop, and students work at both.

The new building at Denham Springs High stands on some of the last available land, remarked architect Gene Eleazar.

“This is like the one last space they’ve got on campus,” he said.

Board member Buddy Mincey, who represents the area, said school officials could probably get a bit creative with any future construction but also admitted that room on campus was running out.

However, he said the new building would raise the student capacity to at least 2,100 students, and he doesn’t think the city will need a new high school any time soon.

In other business, the School Board Thursday promoted Carolyn Vosburg to principal at North Corbin Junior High, where she had been assistant principal.

The Board also announced they would alter their December meeting schedule due to the holidays and will host a single meeting Dec. 10, when they are expected to discuss plans to build a new Springfield High School and a millage to pay for its construction.

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