Washington Parish escapee found in drain pipe near Franklinton _lowres

Kaunda Lopaz Magee

An escapee charged with aggravated rape who previously went on a two-week crime spree while on the lam in 2011 was captured Sunday.

Kaunda Lopaz Magee, 39, was found in a drain pipe east of Franklinton, the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office said in a news release. He slipped his shackles the day before while returning from a hospital visit and took off running.

On Saturday, Magee was taken to Riverside Medical Center in Franklinton after complaining of shoulder pain from a previous injury. After receiving treatment, he escaped while returning to jail, making a running break from the transport vehicle, the Washington Sheriff’s Office said.

At least six agencies, including federal marshals, searched for him Saturday and Sunday.

Around 11:50 a.m. Sunday morning, a sheriff’s detective heard a noise coming from a drain pipe under La. 10 near the East Gate Shopping Center, the news release said.

When the detective investigated, he found Magee, who was taken in without incident. He was still handcuffed. Magee told officers he hid in the woods in east Franklinton before he was found.

After a home invasion in October 2011, Magee eluded capture for weeks, terrorizing residents of southern Mississippi and the Florida Parishes. He survived three car chases, shot a police dog and got into gunfights with deputies, authorities said. He broke into homes to steal food and clothes, once tying up a woman, Tangipahoa Sheriff Daniel Edwards said at the time. He was captured after being shot by a private citizen and a state police sergeant.