LIVINGSTON — The Livingston Parish School Board unanimously approved Thursday night a 2011-12 budget with approximately $10 million in cuts.

The 2011 budget reduces salary expenditures by nearly $7 million to $106 million, according to a copy of the budget provided by the School Board.

At the same time, expenditures for teachers’ retirement benefits are expected to increase by nearly $5 million, to more than $22 million for the year, the budget shows.

The board has enacted a series of cuts to minimize a projected $10 million deficit.

The cuts included doing away with annual pay increases known as step raises, removing three days from the work calendar and reducing transportation spending.

The board declared a financial exigency, or crisis, in February, and Superintendent Bill Spear has referred to the coming year as a “financial cliff.”

The general fund deficit has been reduced to just over $400,000, according to the budget.

If the deficit does not grow during the year, the general fund balance would shrink to approximately $9.3 million, according to the budget provided.

Almost $6 million of that is in restricted reserve funds, said business manager Terry Hughes.

Other business conducted by the board dealt with:

POLICY CHANGES: The board agreed to consider proposed minor changes to policies affecting publication of the minutes of board meetings, student attendance and absences.

The changes are called for to bring the board in line with state law, said Assistant Superintendent John Watson.