Matthew Peyronnin

The deputy, whose name has not been released by authorities, involved in the April shooting of a French Settlement man was returned to regular duty Friday as State Police continue an investigation into the incident, the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office reports.

Meanwhile, the man he shot has been given an arraignment date, having been arrested on a count of attempted murder of a police officer.

Matthew Peyronnin, 19, was at his home on Queen Florence Farms Road early in the morning of April 29 when he went to the door with a shotgun and was fired on by a deputy, receiving four gunshot wounds, according to law enforcement and his family members.

However, the two sides agree on little else of what happened on the threshold of the mobile home in the rural south of the parish.

State Police, who have been called in to investigate, said authorities received a 911 call that Peyronnin was armed with a shotgun and threatening suicide. When deputies came to the home, Peyronnin walked out and raised the shotgun in their direction, prompting a deputy to open fire.

Peyronnin’s parents said deputies did not announce themselves and that the teen brought a gun to the door because he though burglars were skulking around the family’s property. They say he never raised his weapon and that he was shot before he even had a chance to open the storm door.

The day of the shooting, State Police said Peyronnin would face one count of attempted second-degree murder of a police officer. However, when he was released from the hospital two days later, he was booked into the parish jail on one count of attempted first-degree murder of a police officer. He was released the same day on $100,000 bond.

Peyronnin is scheduled to appear in court June 17 to be formally charged, assistant district attorney Matthew Belser said.

The prosecutor said he is waiting on the State Police report of the shooting and that he hoped it would be available by the June court date.

State Police have released no new information on the case since the day of the shooting. State Police Lt. J.B. Slaton said Friday only that the investigation was ongoing. As of Friday, neither the State Police nor the Sheriff’s Office had named the deputy involved in the shooting.

Peyronnin’s attorney Franz Borghardt said Friday that he also is awaiting more information in the case. He said Peyronnin is at home and has had some staples removed but will need another surgery to remove a bullet or bullet fragments that are still in his body.

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