DENHAM SPRINGS — Deputies captured three escapees from a New Orleans-area juvenile institution Tuesday in a patrol car and helicopter pursuit that ended in an open field, Livingston Parish Sheriff Willie Graves said Tuesday.

Chad West, a helicopter pilot for the Sheriff’s Office, said he began following the car chase at Juban Road.

After running through several stop signs, the three escapees from the Bridge City Center for Youth near New Orleans turned their stolen SUV down a dead-end street and drove into an open field, authorities said.

West said he descended from an altitude of about 300 feet, from which he had been following the chase, and flew in front of the vehicle at a height of about 10 feet while the pursuing patrol car caught up with them.

West said he hovered just in front of the vehicle and ordered the teenagers to get out with their hands up.

He said the three — who ranged in age from 16 to 18 — complied with his order and “stood with their hands up” until deputies in a pair of patrol cars took them into custody.

The youths, who had escaped from the juvenile facility by scaling a barbed-wire fence Monday, were captured in the vicinity of Falconcrest Drive and Juban Road, authorities said.

West said he happened to be in the air when he heard a police radio report about the juvenile fugitives. Authorities said the teenagers were incarcerated on criminal counts ranging from burglary to armed robbery.

He said the three were captured about 9 a.m. Tuesday in the area between Denham Springs and Walker.