Voters overwhelmingly rejected renewal Saturday of the property tax that provides the vast majority of funding for the Florida Parishes Juvenile Detention Center.

All five parishes served by the detention center — Livingston, St. Helena, St. Tammany, Tangipahoa and Washington — rejected the proposal, according to complete but unofficial returns posted on the Secretary of State’s website.

The 3-mill tax was projected to generate about $9.5 million per year.

Some 61 percent of the total 127,837 votes cast in all five parishes were against renewing the tax for another 10 years.

The margin of defeat was highest in St. Tammany Parish, where 64 percent of the parish’s 62,215 votes were cast against the measure. Turnout there was 38.2 percent.

There was more support for the tax in St. Helena Parish, although it was also rejected there, with 54 percent of the 3,812 votes cast opposed to the renewal. Turnout in the parish was 45.4 percent.

In Livingston Parish, 59 percent of the 24,775 voters rejected the tax. Turnout there was 31.4 percent.

Tangipahoa Parish rejected the tax with 55 percent of 28,228 ballots being cast against it. Turnout there was 37.9 percent.

And in Washington Parish, 63 percent of the 8,807 votes were against renewal. Turnout there was 32.4 percent.