The Livingston School Board is considering adopting two new policies: one that would overhaul the school district’s crisis response and another that would require student athletes to maintain a C average.

As for crisis response, even the policy name would be changed — from Emergency Drills to Emergency/Crisis Management, indicating the new emphasis on planning before disaster strikes.

In Thursday’s meeting, Assistant Superintendant Rick Wentzel said the proposal was drawn up in response to recent state legislation.

The proposed policy would require each principal to work with law enforcement, firefighters and emergency preparedness officials to draft a school Crisis Management and Response Plan. They also are to consider input from teachers, students and parents.

The plans are to “address school safety and the incidence of a shooting or other violence at schools, on school buses, and at school related events.”

If adopted, schools would be required to conduct monthly emergency drills, whereas the current plan requires only monthly fire drills.

Principals also are to consider how to provide professional mental health counseling to students.

The School Board also proposed a policy requiring student athletes to maintain a C-average to compete. The policy would comply with the Louisiana High School Athletic Association, which previously required a 1.5 grade-point average, Wentzel said.