A Hammond man was convicted of second-degree murder Friday afternoon for shooting a drug dealer 10 times over $10 worth of crack cocaine, according to the Tangipahoa Parish District Attorney’s Office.

The night of the murder, Eugene Guidry, 37, and some associates picked up Jerrell Bird and took him to Guidry’s home.

Bird sold Guidry a rock of crack for $10, but Guidry was disappointed in the quantity and demanded his money back, prosecutors wrote in a news release.

The two argued, but Bird left before a fight broke out. Once he was gone, Guidry called a friend, Earnest “Cookie” James, and asked him to bring him a gun, the release states.

Later, a witness heard gunshots and saw Bird run and fall to the ground, pursued by a man dressed all in black.

Crime scene experts were able to link the bullets used to kill Bird with the gun given to Guidry, according to the release.

A Tangipahoa Parish jury this week found Guidry guilty of various violent, weapons and drug charges including second-degree murder, which carries a mandatory life sentence.