In addition to the erroneous millage renewal for the parish health unit, voters around Livingston will have several other tax propositions to consider when they head to the polls Tuesday.

A fire district and a recreation district that serve the Denham Springs area both are looking to renew their property taxes for another decade, and the town of Killian is seeking a new sales tax because a business opened within the town limits in the last year.

Fire Protection District 5, based on Florida Boulevard, is asking for 10.14 mills on property in the district to raise an estimated $966,661 annually. Recreation District 3, which maintains North, South and L.M. Lockhart Parks, is requesting 15 mills in the district for an annual collection around $2.2 million.

Neither office returned multiple calls seeking information about their plans for the money should the propositions pass.

On the ballot, the fire district said the money would go toward purchasing firetrucks and equipment and funding fire hydrants and water service, among other expenditures. The ballot says the recreation district will use its money for “operating and maintaining” the district.

Killian has introduced a proposed 0.5 percent sales tax now that a retailer has set up shop within the town limits. The new Dollar General — also known as “The Killian Mall,” joked Mayor Craig McGehee — opened about a year ago.

Looking at the store’s sales, he expects the proposed tax would bring in about $6,000 annually, and the tax has no expiration. If approved, the sales tax will go to the town’s public safety fund, which runs on an annual budget of about $100,000, most of which pays the town’s three police officers, McGehee said.

The additional revenue would help fund street signs, fill potholes and repair police vehicles as needed.