District Attorney Scott Perrilloux has endorsed challenger Carlos Notariano over incumbent Gordon Burgess in the Tangipahoa Parish president’s race.

In a letter published last week in the Hammond Daily Star and http://www.an17.com, Perrilloux said incumbent Gordon Burgess has “given the parish creditable service for the past 24 years.”

However, Burgess’ performances in two recent debates show it’s time for change, the letter says.

Burgess’ performances “demonstrate that age and time have caught up with him,” the letter says.

Burgess’ “inability to understand the issues and articulate a vision for our parish was apparent,” the letter says.

This is the first time Perrilloux has endorsed a candidate in a parish president’s race, he said.

“I am sorry he chose to do that, but it’s his right,” Burgess said. “I am a little disappointed that he did endorse my opponent.”

Burgess has been the Tangipahoa Parish president since 1987, when the parish switched to a home rule charter from a police jury system.

Perrilloux is the 21st Judicial District Attorney, which covers Livingston, Tangipahoa and St. Helena Parishes.