Former Livingston Parish contractor says message to woman not meant as threat _lowres

Corey delaHoussaye

A former Livingston Parish contractor accused of sending threatening Facebook messages to a woman pleaded not guilty Wednesday to attempted cyberstalking.

Corey delaHoussaye has admitted sending a message to Abby Crosby, telling her he would “burn” her and “drag (her) through the mud” for an article she posted online about him in 2012, alleging that he had failed to pay property taxes.

DelaHoussaye has said his message to Crosby was not intended as a threat. He said he believes Crosby’s complaint to the Sheriff’s Office was a political stunt.

Judge Bruce Bennett, of the 21st Judicial District Court, set the case for a motions hearing on April 20.

DelaHoussaye is scheduled to be in court the same day on a separate matter involving allegations that he overbilled the parish for wetlands mitigation and burn site work following Hurricane Gustav. In that case, delaHoussaye faces 59 counts of falsifying public records and theft related to his billing.

Both cases are assigned to Judge Brenda Ricks.

DelaHoussaye has alleged that both cases can be traced back to Livingston Parish Assessor Jeff Taylor, whom delaHoussaye unsuccessfully challenged in 2011, and Taylor’s wife, Delia Taylor. DelaHoussaye believes Delia Taylor supplied the District Attorney’s Office with information used to support some of the charges against him for alleged overbilling. Those particular charges were dropped Feb. 19.

The next day, in a Facebook message to Crosby, delaHoussaye wrote, “You have been very vocal about me and have made allegations on your website about my taxes being owed when they were not. I busted her (Delia Taylor) and now I will burn you and Jeff. Just be prepared! I will drag you through the mud like you did to me for misrepresenting the facts.”

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