The Gonzales Garden Club met on Oct. 7.

One focus was repurposing used items in the home garden.

Janis D’Benedetto, Rita Bourque and Weezie Cashat presented flower arrangements of crescent designs using repurposed items and plant materials from their home gardens.

Ellen Richmond guided members through a craft workshop to create personalized garden containers formed by saturating a variety of heavy cloths with a cement mixture, then draping them over plastic pots to dry and harden.

Kat Hightower provided an educational hands-on exhibit of commercially produced soils. She prompted members to compare the characteristics of various brands of potting and garden soils by displaying six bags of different mixtures with portion samples for visual and textural observations. Members completed questionnaires and received participation prizes.

The club donated $75 to maintain the butterfly garden at Pecan Grove Primary School. The club also donated a large plant in an ornamental metal container designed by Janis Poche to the District VI Board of the Louisiana Garden Club Federation for an upcoming fundraising auction.

Janis Poche’s gardening tip of the month referenced horticulturalist Dan Gill, noting that gardeners should select the right kind of chrysanthemums for their garden purposes: cut-flower mums, pot mums and garden mums.

Poche, Dana Teepell and Conchita Richey were each nominated for awards for teaching horticulture classes to the public for free. Club Historian Ellen Richmond plans to contact two major public entities about the storage and display of older past garden club presidents’ scrapbooks as well as photocopies of the five most recent books, which preserve the heritage of the 44-year-old organization. Richmond recognized new members by presenting them with personalized name tags and embroidered canvas tote bags.

Returning member Janis D’Benedetto said the Residential Yard of the Month Award went to Olin and Trella Berthelot, of 1736 E. Oak Alley, and the Commercial Landscape of the Month was Ascension Funeral Home at 426 W. New River St.

Hostesses Ellen Richmond, Cynthia Cagnolatti, Barbara McCormick, Priscilla Monson, Patti Mouton, Mary Jo Pohlig and Richey served a barbecue lunch.