The Gonzales Police Department is warning residents that telephone scammers are posing as IRS agents in recent calls to residents.

“Lately, the city of Gonzales Police Department has been receiving calls and walk-ins regarding telephone calls in which someone, claiming to be from the IRS, is stating they have filed suit against an individual,” spokeswoman Charlotte Guedry said.

Guedry said the calls are all from scammers, despite their convincing pitch.

In the scam, the caller is asking for information and threatening a lawsuit.

Guedry said the IRS does not work that way.

“Once the tax assessment is final, the IRS doesn’t call you to warn; it places levies on your assets and garnishes your income,” she said. “You will always get a letter on official IRS letterhead notifying you about their intentions. You will never receive a telephone call.”

Guedry encouraged anyone receiving a call that they think is a scam to report the scammer to the Attorney General’s Office.