Prairieville Middle School has announced seventh-grade students who qualified for the Duke University Talent Identification Program, or TIP, a news release said.

The program provides the opportunity for students to take the ACT or SAT as an above-level test, giving them a greater insight into their abilities and a chance to preview a college entrance exam, the release said. Students also are given the chance to participate in other challenging academic enrichment resources designed specifically for academically talented youth.

Qualifying students are Mason Brown, Anthony Burychka, Kyle Carver, Adriana Devenish, Abigal Evans, Brock Houston, Dylan Khemmanyvong, Christin Kim, Rachel McCarley, Alyssa Pentas, Skye Rowe, Leonardo Trejo, Katelyn Anthony, Kaitlyn Chase, William Cooper, Mia Foster, Lily Gros, Everett Lasseigne, Michelle Liu, Ethan Moak, Robbie Reinhardt, Brityn Strickland, Elizabet Adams, Riley Bonnanno, Parker Boudloche, Julia Carroll, Aidan Cathey, William Cathey, Cole Conyers, Zachary Donahue, Brayden Fisher, Lauren Gaines, Gillian Geiger, Elyte Hunt, Sofia Purdy, Jack Roscher, Samantha Siegel and Rachel Wong.

Also qualifying are Leah Brazan, Patrick Daughety, Izaac Delaughter, Blake Felton, Jailyn Hart, Charlott Hicks, Delaney Madere, Julian Castillo, Beau Cheveallier, John Fontenot, Savannah Jory, Julia Kramer, Grahm Landry, Alyssa Miano, Hannah Ordogne, Mary Payne, William Fineran, Charles Graddick, Logan Roberts, Ella Roussel, Charles Polito, Zachary Aucoin, Trevor Evans, Emeilia Black, Julia Degeneres, Matthew Khemmanyvong, Johnny Luneau, Mallory Rusk, Andrew Daigle, Shelby Farmer, Aidan Giroir, Caleb Henkel, Lucian Pearce, Logan Roberts and Ethan Skal.