More than 700 St. Amant High School Gator supporters showed up Aug. 25 at the 2014 Meet the Gators night.

The event was hosted by the St. Amant Booster Club, which supports more than 680 athletes in 21 sports at the school.

Booster Club President James E. LeBlanc said he and the others in the group are proud of the athletes’ on- and off-the-field accomplishments.

“These student athletes not only perform on the field, but they continue to do it in the classroom,” he said. “The St. Amant community is very proud of their efforts, earning over 930 college credits last season while still playing sports.”

The night included performances from the school’s drum line, cheerleaders and Gatorettes.

Coaches talked about student athletic trainers and the 2014 swimming, cross country, volleyball, and freshman and varsity football teams.

The jambalaya served was provided by Steve Broussard, Paul Braud, Dana Ayme and Darryl Fortenberry.