Future subdivisions may be required by city ordinance to have some architectural variety, if the City Council approves a proposal from the Planning and Zoning Commission.

At its meeting Monday, commissioners looked at a proposed ordinance amendment presented by City Clerk Clay Stafford to prohibit developers from building architecturally identical homes in a subdivision.

The city has been getting a lot of complaints, Stafford said, about a new residential development off Orice Roth Road in which the homes look alike.

Stafford and other city staff members, including city engineer Jackie Baumann and building official Jerry Self looked at design standard ordinances of other cities and drew up one for the Planning and Zoning Commission to consider.

In the one the commission is proposing, a minimum of four residential lots must be skipped on the same side of the street, and two lots must be skipped on the opposite side of a street before building another single-family residence in the same design.

“The same floor plan shall not be repeated on neighboring, side-by-side lots or directly across the street,” the proposed amendment reads.

The amendment does not refer to similar colors, material or small details of a home.

“The ordinance we copied this from skipped seven homes (on the same side of the street)” before a design could be repeated, Stafford said. “We felt that was a little harsh.”

If the City Council approves such an amendment to city ordinance, it would apply only to new construction, Stafford said.

The council will consider the proposal at its May 12 meeting.