Ascension Advocate’s Classroom Spotlight: St. John Primary School prekindergarten _lowres

Photo provided by Janis Ament -- St. John Primary School prekindergarten Classroom Spotlight includes, first row from left, Grace Amedee, Cohen D’Aubin, Giana Acosta, Jude Dirks, Ava Nguyen, and Eden Del Bosque; second row, Cullen Boss, Cooper Pearson, Ella Gisclair, Carson DeBate, Kallie Trimble, Jake Waguespack and Luke Simoneaux; third row, Beau Talbot, Landon Ritchie, Olivia Arceneaux, Alexandra Winiewicz, Zoë Cross, Austin Guedry and Caroline Wintz; and fourth row, instructional assistant Marie Midence and teacher Erin Norenberg.

The Ascension Advocate’s Classroom Spotlight, a new feature, is teacher Erin Norenberg’s prekindergarten class at St. John Primary School in Prairieville. Students were asked the following question:

  • What is your favorite thing to do on the weekends with your family?
  • OLIVIA ARCENEAUX: Go to the camp.
  • CULLEN BOSS: Go to the water park.
  • ZOE CROSS: I like to play with my baby sister.
  • COHEN D’AUBIN: I like going to McDonald’s.
  • CARSON DEBATE: Go on a vacation.
  • EDEN DEL BOSQUE: Go on a field trip.
  • JUDE DIRKS: I like to play with my brothers.
  • ELLA GISCLAIR: Go to the vacation.
  • AUSTIN GUEDRY: Play outside.
  • AVA NGUYEN: Cleaning.
  • COOPER PEARSON: Eat candy.
  • LANDON RITCHIE: I like to go bowling.
  • LUKE SIMONEAUX: Go to the beach.
  • BEAU TALBOT: Go to the swimming pool.
  • KALLIE TRIMBLE: Go on trips.
  • JAKE WAGUESPACK: Go swimming.
  • ALEXANDRA WINIEWICZ: Um, to hug them and kiss them so much.
  • CAROLINE WINTZ: Go to the beach.