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Photo provided by Stacey King -- Central Middle School students visit booths on Feb. 12 during a Career Fair held in the school cafeteria.

Central Middle School held a Career Fair on Feb. 12 at the Gonzales area campus.

Central Middle opened its doors to businesses and organizations throughout the community in efforts to have them speak to students about a day in the life of their professions, school officials said.

More than 60 local professionals served as presenters, a news release said.

Students were given a list of the guests attending and a map displaying where each presenter would be located in the cafeteria.

Before the event, students selected career areas of interest and created questions for the presenters.

Discussions included a wide range of topics such as required education and training; various tools and responsibilities used; typical stressors and rewards of the job; and what students can begin doing now to explore their future career possibilities.

Central Middle School emphasizes the importance of students becoming college and career ready, and the value of networking with local industry, schools and corporations, the release said. The school’s goal is for students to leave with an understanding of the relationship among education, the world of work and the ability to make informed career decisions, the release said.

The Career Fair is just one of the many programs implemented by the counseling department at Central Middle School to meet the goal, the release stated.