The Ascension Parish School Board began the new year with two 6-4 votes at its meeting Tuesday: one voting Lorraine Wimberly as president of the board and the other electing Taft Kleinpeter as board vice president.

Wimberly, who was previously vice president of the board, replaces Troy Gautreau Sr.

The meeting was the first for newly seated members Robyn Penn Delaney, Scott Duplechein, Julie Blouin, Shawn Sevario and Louis Lambert.

The vote on the officers for the new year seemed to reflect a new division on the School Board, with four of the new members voting for a change in leadership.

When it was time for the election of officers, board member John Murphy nominated Troy Gautreau for re-election as president and Kerry Diez seconded the motion.

However, Kleinpeter made a substitute motion, seconded by Lambert, nominating Wimberly.

The substitute motion passed 6-4, with Murphy, Diez, Gautreau and new member Duplechein voting against it.

Board member Patricia Russo wasn’t present at Monday’s meeting.

The same voting pattern held in the vote for vice president, when Lambert, seconded by Sevario, nominated Kleinpeter for vice president.

Kleinpeter was the only board member nominated for vice president.

“I want to thank everybody,” Wimberly said, after she took the president’s chair after the vote. “Just pray for the School Board. God wants us to do mighty things.”