Ten Central Middle School seventh-grade students were selected to participate in the Duke University Talent Identification Program Seventh-Grade Talent Search. Seventh-grade students with strong intellectual abilities are invited to participate if they achieve a qualifying score at or above the 95th percentile on a recent grade-level test, a news release from the school said.

Carter Causey, A’Niya Claiborne, Emma Cockrum, Seyan Coco, Sydnie Duncan, Sofia Lavidalie, Sadie Noble, Ali Stafford, Tylar Steely and Eden Wiltz were selected for the program.

Upon enrollment, Duke TIP registers the students for the ACT or the SAT college entrance exam. After participants take the test, the program provides benefits to them throughout high school, including access to resources for gifted students developed by experts in the field of gifted education.

Duke TIP helps participants grow scholastically by providing the opportunity for above-level testing, feedback on abilities, educational resources and encouragement, the release said.