Ascension Parish residents dropped off more than 20 tons of household hazardous materials during the May 10 collection event at Lamar-Dixon Expo Center, Parish President Tommy Martinez said.

“Once again, the Ascension Parish Household Hazardous Materials Collection Day event proved to be very beneficial for the residents of Ascension Parish,” said Don Hysell, parish environmental manager. “With the amount of participation we are seeing every year, and the positive comments that we receive from parish residents, it’s a no-brainer that we will continue holding the collection day here at Lamar-Dixon.”

Hysell said 333 vehicles passed through the line of drop-off stations that accepted tires, scrap metal, batteries, electronic devices, paint and more. He said residents dropped off 20.48 tons of materials. Hysell said residents dropped off 22.22 tons of materials in 2013 and 24.64 tons of materials in 2012.

Hysell said the total cost of the event was $37,113.50. However, because the parish obtained a $30,000 grant from the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality, the cost to the parish was $7,113.50.

“Events like this afford our parish residents a way to dispose of hazardous materials in an environmentally safe manner,” Hysell said.

Hysell said parish residents will have a chance to recycle household items from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday at the next Ascension Parish Recycling Road Show.

For information, call Hysell at (225) 450-1308 or visit